Will doing Yoga reduce your chance of injury?



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    I would think so. Yoga helps your body become more flexible and stronger which leads to a better posture. 

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    Not only might it help you stay fit, flexible and prevent injuries out on the playing field, but I found a publication talking about using yoga to reduce stress and prevent injuries at work.  The injuries include back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, eye strain and headaches among others, so this is not just for people who do heavy lifting for a career.


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    There are many types of yoga practices, but what they all inevitably help you accomplish is the strengthening of your “core”–meaning the center of your body from which all activity stems. Some people think of it as having “strong abs”. However you look at it, when you have a strong center (both physically and mentally), you tend to move in a more ergonomic and mindful manner. Yoga puts you in touch with how to move your body. This lesson goes with you when you leave your class and, hopefully, is at play when you are doing whatever it is you do. So, if you are conscious of good posture, are able-bodied and strong, then your chances of injury are greatly reduced.

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    The website I have provided below lists some of the many benefits that come with yoga. Muscle tone improvement; endurance benefits; improvement in shoulder and trunk flexibility and a more concentrated mood are some of the many benefits of yoga.

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    I would say yes, most likely. It not only encourages flexibility, but also strength, two things that prevent injuries. It also promotes balance, another way to prevent injury.

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