Will Detroit succeed in being a farm town again?



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    So long as Detriot offers good economic incentives to farmers, maintains proper farming techniques, and grows the right crops, I see no reason why a city with so many willing to work unemployed people wouldn’t be able to succeed as a farming city.

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    I used to live in Detroit, and now I live on the outskirts (hoping to move back to the main city soon). There are some incredible successes going on related to organic food systems, and new garden and farming-related activities are constantly arising. Yet, the farm town will be different than that of the past. Instead of ribbon farms or sprawling fields, there are now community gardens, where several plots – often in raised beds – are rented out or shared. Some larger farms exist, producing crops for community members or food kitchens or for sale at local markets. The gardening and farming scene in Detroit has a very local vibe, so it doesn’t seem likely that large industrial farms exporting goods to places far in distance will be built.

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