Will deer urine in the stream I am drinking from make me sick?



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    Stream water is non-potable, meaning you can get sick if you drink it. You should really only drink from a stream in a dangerous situation, such as if you are stranded in the wilderness. You generally boil water from a stream to make it potable, though. However, you should read some wilderness survival guides and/or talk to your local park or wilderness expert before taking a risky action like that!

    However, when was in Wyoming as a teen, I remember drinking from a stream that we were told was clean. I didn’t get sick, but perhaps this was just a particular stream that was kept clean.

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    Streams are natural waterways that can contain many contaminants that could make the water unsafe for human consumption. In terms of deer urine, there has been a case where a hunter got brucellosis from using deer urine. In this case it was a hunter that was using deer urine to attract other deer. If you have taken a drink from a stream and are feeling any unusual pains, irritations, or any other side effects you should seek medical attention to ensure your health.

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