Will the damage caused by dead zones ever be able to be repaired?



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    Yes.  As a matter of fact, the Black Sea dead zone, previously the largest in the world, was reversed as a natural side effect of farmers’ inability to afford chemical fertilizers.  While this is certainly very encouraging, we can’t always count on economic conditions to solve the problem (nor would we want to); yet changing people’s behavior can be extremely difficult in the absence of extreme economic pressure.  Essentially, what would have to happen to reverse dead zones in the US is a huge cut back on the use of chemical fertilizers and/or a reestablishment of coastal wetlands, which would essentially act as a natural filter for the fertilizer nutrients which would otherwise end up in water sources.  Without these excess nutrients, the populations of aquatic organisms that feed on them would stay within reasonable limits, and thus would no longer hog all the oxygen.  It would take time, but dead zones could eventually be eliminated and normal marine life could be restored.

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