Will the dam removal in the Klamath river help with the salmon populations?



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    Yes. The problems that the dams created for salmon survival was actually a large factor in the decision to remove the dams. However, the issue isn’t that people are simply concerned about how salmon populations are doing, but the fact that salmon fisheries were not turning the profit that they needed due to the dam. So yes, it will help salmon populations, but only enough for commercial fishing to become viable in the area again.

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    Removing the dams alone won’t restore salmon populations, but it will certainly help.  It will open up old spawning areas that have been inaccessible to salmon since the dams were built.  The water quality of the river will also improve over time. 

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    It is one important step in the process. Removing the dams will remove the physical barrier that prevents salmon from migrating upstream and spawning. However salmon return to where they were born in order to spawn, so fish and wildlife managers will likely need to artificially spawn salmon upriver in the Klamath to initiate the salmon runs again. But only time will tell us for sure.

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    The removal of dams is the removal of the resetting of the river continuum. This is a good thing as it allows the river to be a closer resemblance to the river that the diverse fish species evolved in. It should help salmon and other species. Although the green sturgeon seems to be holding on fine for now, the removal of dams will help to maintiain appropriate habitat for their long-term survival. Whitefish makes a good point, although I am not an expert in salmon, it seems to make sense that if salmon have not imprinted on an area then they may not travel to it to spawn. Therefore, to get the process started a hatchery stocking into natal streams may lead to the imprinting and thus long-term reintroduction. Again, my salmon knowledge is limited but the effects of dam on large fish migrations, reproduction, habitat, and the river continuum is pretty consistent everywhere.

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