Will climate patterns continue to shift in the years to come?



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    Yes. Seemingly freak occurances like heatwaves and storms will become much more common place in the coming years. Hot nights and the length of heat waves will become greater, certain parts of the globe will experience much greater rain fall, droughts will last even longer than they do.  Overall the problems that we have in our current climate pattern (storms, hurricanes, heat spells, droughts, long winters, short winters, etc.) will be exacerbated. 

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    As long as global warming continues to get worse, so will the the freak weather that we have been experiencing. For example, Great Britain has been having extremely cold winters over the past few years. Scientists have been conducting a study and believe that this is caused from the melting sea ice in the arctics. The melting sea ice is making it so cold winds are traveling to Great Britain in the winter months. For more information, click on the link below. 

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