Will climate change stress increase mental health issues?



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    It is likely that with the stresses of climate change will be a rise in mental health issues across the globe. Climate change is likely to cause greater occurrences of inclement weather conditions. The World Health Organization expects mental health related illness to increase dramatically by 2020. Property damage and loss and community dislocations due to extreme weather can play a major roll in stress related mental illness. This is evident in that mental health in New Orleans has still not recovered from the destructive events of Hurricane Katrina. Changes in weather pattern is also likely to change hormonal balances and place on people the stress of adaptation.  

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    I agree, as there is a connection between climate change and an increased in potentially dangerous environments. Natural disasters and pollution can lead to stress and mental health issues. Moreover, it has been shown that people who take time to appreciate nature and spend more time outdoors have better mental health. That is, connecting with nature is good for the body, mind, and soul. Should the enviromental continue to crumble, there will be less to appreciate, and be inspired by, which could less to stress, and depression.

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