Will climate change skeptics be more likely to trust NASA re the evidence?



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    I don’t think so. Skeptics of climate change proceed from essentially an ideological position: the evidence for anthropogenic global warming is suspect because the conclusion, that humans are causing climate change, is unacceptable. In addition to those who may be opposed to global warming remediation efforts for political or economic reasons, right now denial of climate change is popular among various undergrounds who accept other conspiracy theories–such as those that claim the Federal Reserve artificially controls the U.S. economy for nefarious ends–and to those people at least, all government agencies, including NASA, are usually suspect. Because much of the science that has been gathered regarding climate change comes from international organizations such as the UN-sponsored International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and international organizations such as the UN are often accused of manipulating data or policy for one reason or another, NASA is likely to be regarded by hard core climate skeptics as merely another mouthpiece for policies that they already distrust. NASA has been making a push lately to disseminate climate change data (especially on social networking sites such as Twitter), but whether it will make a difference, only time will tell.

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