Will climate change cause the price of food to go up?



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    Well climate change, of course, effects the way crops grow. For example certain farming areas are getting warmers, thus, certain crops that used to grow well there before, can no longer grow properly. Therefore, the is an immediately correlation, between climate change and a food shortage supply, which in turn, affects the cost of food. Since the supply is low, the demand will be higher, thus being more expensive.

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    Yes since droughts (caused by global climate change) has made great shortage in in wheat collections with higher prices, all around the globe.

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    I agree with the answers above as well. Climate change affects agriculture directly. If plants cannot adapt to the ever changing climate, certain crops may cease to exist and supply will be greatly reduced. Seeing from an economic point of view, if the balance of supply-and-demand tips towards the “demand” side, then the reduced supply will increase in value. So unless there’s some miraculous way that plants can evolve or adapt to more extreme climates, harvesting crops will be harder and supply will be reduced, thus, influencing the price of food to increase.

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    In theory it could, it would depend on how we react to the climate changing as well. If the climate change puts a demand on some foods but not others, that will affect the prices of both those food. I think it all depends on how we as consumers react to the changing world. 

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