Will climate change be an issue in the next elections in the US?



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    Most assuredly. Both sides will be using their own version of the reality, but it will play a key role to voters. This ties directly to the hot topic of high oil prices in the US. The difference will be whether anyone in power decides to allot any monetary capital towards a new infrastructure that promotes clean energy, or simply allow more drilling for oil here at home. I would prefer the former, as it could be stated that we could rid ourselves of the oil shackles we wear from other countries and produce clean energy here in this country. I believe that to be the eventuality, but people in Washington, D.C. with oil interests in mind will undoubtedly still resist. I do give the current president credit for his efforts in the way of transitioning, but with the bumps he encountered with Solyndra and others, the green energy road is yet still a long one.

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