Will cigarette manufacturers buy back cigarette leaves found in unfinished smoked cigarettes?

I have seen a lot of cigarettes that have not been finished being smoked thrown away found in ashtrays and on floors in many shops. Will the cigarette manufacturers be interested in buying back these leftovers?



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    I doubt it since it would cost more money to do that and the most efficient way is to keep on doing what they do.

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    No, they don’t but there are other ways to get rid of cigarettes butts. New York is trying to institute a recycling program to use the butts in other things. They will try to follow people like some Chinese scientists, who found that soaking cigarette butts in water creates a anti-rust solution, or a Brazilian fashion designer, who cleans cigarette butts, dyes them, and spins them with sheep wool into clothing. There is a market for these, if a bit unruly and untapped.

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