Will China ever have more cars on the roads than the United States?



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    “Ever” is a very long time, but even so it is impossible to say. Wars, climate change, asteroid collisions, economic forces, changing technology all could impact the numbers in the US and in China, either positively or negatively or both. There can be no definitive answer to this question.

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    My inclination is no, but as rigibson said, there are too many future variables unaccounted for.

    A large segment of China’s population lives in rural areas wholly lacking in infrastructure, and those who live in China’s dense cities may not need personal transportation. The article I’m linking to below projects that the rural population may decrease significantly; moreover, the cities cannot hold many more, and perhaps suburban communities will spring up as a result. If that happens, and the necessary roads are constructed, then China may have more cars on the road.

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