Will China always have its one-child policy?



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    Although China enacted it’s one-child policy as a temporary answer to population growth in 1979, the policy is still in effect some 25+ years later. Recently, the Chinese government announced it would continue the policy at least until 2010. It’s unclear when/if the policy will be changed, but it’s mark as temporary suggests it may indeed be modified at some point down the line. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen.

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    It will be modified.

    I’m certain this hasn’t occurred to anyone not familiar with similar issues in other countries, but China actually suffers from an aging population. This causes huge issues with pension plans and government care (you eventually end up with a hugely disproportionate amount of retired elderly with no one to take care of them). Japan and Italy suffer from similar issues. The general solution to the problem is to increase the number of young in order to counteract the budgeting and workforce problems.

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