Will carpet hurt the environment if its disposed of in landfills?



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    Carpet is usually made out of fairly hardy material, meaning it wont break down as easily, and when dumped, will remain there a very long time. Right now they make up about 3- 5 percent of waste in landfills. It’s also expensive, some landfills charging $200.00 where recycling it would cost around $35.00.

    Also, by dumping an old carpet out, you’re not recycling it, or putting it towards saving materials on future products. Recycled carpets will go towards making new carpets, or broken down completely to make a variety of products. And since carpets are a petroleum based product, many companies would rather put some of that back, since oil is becoming harder to come by.

    Its estimated that recycling a ton of carpet will save 198 gallons of oil and prevents the emission of 2 metric tons of greenhouse gases. 

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