Will carbon trading help get rid of deforestation?



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    The root of deforesation lies primarily in economic solvency of rural populations. In order to put food on the table, individuals and families are forced to liquidate any valuable resouce they have available to them, and use land in the manner that produces the best economic gain. Since money does not grow on trees, landowners cut them down, sell them and convert the land into more profitable land use strategies–such as cattle grazing or soy bean production. Carbon trading has opened the door to investing in reforestation projects and avoided deforestation projects, which help create an economic incentive to maintain and grow forests, however carbon trading alone will not halt deforestation. More widespread and multi-faceted techniques to provide rural residents with economic solutions that do not involve forest clearing is necessary. Also, a reduction in human population growth would likely help reduce the rate of deforesation as well.  

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