Will cape wind ever become a reality?



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    It’s hard to say: Cape Wind has run into problem after problem. Its first obstacle was the fear that the windmills would kill migrating birds. When it finally got the Audobon to sign off on it, declaring that bird populations would not be significantly affected, the surrounding towns and state government voiced their opposition. They see the planned cluster of offshore windmills as an eyesore in a beautiful landscaper and a detriment to fish and fishermen. And even as the Cape Wind website is trying to convince visitors that the plan will help fishermen and bring in tourists, they now have to deal with historical societies, including American Indian tribes, who are claiming the area as a historical site that can’t be disrupted.

    In my opinion, this, like the nuclear industry, is a case of “not in my backyard.” Even if they try to find an alternate location, the developers will always run into locals who don’t want any change in their area, and some endangered species that may be threatened. They might as well continue fighting for Nantucket Sound, because moving the planned site is not really a solution.

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