Will the California high speed rail project be successful?



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    That depends on what you mean by successful, but according to some sources, the new line is expected to divert over a third of the air trips travel and about 6% of auto-travellers. Once built, the system would not require operating subsidies and will generate over $1bn in annual profits. Comparatively, in Japan the Shinkansen has about 75% of the market in air transportation for a trip time about 2.5 hours. In Europe, high-speed rail occupies 50% of the traffic where rail trip times are 4.5 hours or fewer. If travel time is two hours or fewer, it occupies 90% of the market share. Adding to that, the high-speed rail line will create nearly 160,000 construction-related jobs to plan, design and build the system. An additional 450,000 permanent jobs are expected to be created by 2035.

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