Will battery acid burn you really bad?



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    Yes, battery acid is sulfuric acid, which is incredibly strong and dangerous.  However, batteries use a 30% sulfuric acid solution so battery acid is not as potent as pure sulfuric acid.  Battery acid is stronger than our stomach acids, which makes the pH of battery acid lower than 1.0.

    Battery acid, however, will not burn you immediately.  It will first cause skin irritation.  If the irritation is addressed and treated early, it will not develop into a burn.

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    Yes, sulfuric acid can be severely damaging to your skin, eyes and lungs. Contact with the skin can leave blisters and scarring if it is not rinsed with water immediately. If you rinse it off quickly it will most likely just cause irritation, but you should still seek medical help. Contact with eyes can cause blindness if not rinsed immediately; if get sulfuric acid in your eyes go to the hospital right away. Breathing sulfuric acid can irritate the nose, throat and lungs. Prolonged inhalation can cause dangerous build-up of fluid in your lungs. 

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