Will an avocado plant grown indoors produce fruit?



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    There is no reason that they wouldn’t, except for the fact that they need a lot of light, and indoor conditions may not be able to provide them with all that they want.  If prime conditions are replicated indoors, they would eventually produce fruit, or technically, large berries, but this is a very long and delicate process.

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      I would just add that oftentimes people grow avocados trees indoors when they have grown them from a pit. (You know, the toothpick and glass of water trick). In this case the resulting tree is often infertile and will require grafting from a fertile tree. However, as jeffb noted, as long as there is enough sunlight, I don’t see why it couldn’t eventually fruit. (Of course you better have a VERY tall ceiling and lots of space because those suckers get BIG.)

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