will Avatar be the best selling movie ever about the environment?



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    Most likely due to the insane amount of hype and advertisement this movie got it will most likely be the highest grossing movie with an environmental message. Jamers Cameron has consistently made movies that gross high into the millions and it looks like this film will do the same. Considering there are very few large-scale movies with straight forward messages about the environment I think it would be fair to say Avatar will top them all.

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    Avatar is already one of the highest grossing movies in cinematic history, and looks to make its way to number one. However, while it does have environmental components, it is not an environmental movie per se. It has sweeping, grand themes, as opposed to specific ones.  That is, while some people may take away an environmental message, there are many who will only enjoy the special effects, the action, or the romance. Moreover, due to its grandiose nature and the fact that it is so fantastical, many people will not take it as a serious critique, particularly when Cameron himself is not advocating such an interpretation. 

    That said, everything bit of awareness helps.

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    It definitely was. It passed the Titanic and no environmental movie has even come close. Nevertheless, I do not know of any big-budget environmental movies. 

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