Will any parts of the U.S. become un-livable by 2050?



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    The parts of the US most likely to become un-livable by 2050 are those areas which will by that time be submerged under rising sea levels if global warming is not brought to a halt.  In Florida alone, many areas that are now densely inhabited risk being flooded as sea levels rise.  Miami, Florida, is one of the world’s major cities most at risk from rising seas, and may be un-livable or well on its way toward that state by 2050.  The only way to prevent all of this from happening is to start curbing emissions of greenhouse gases worldwide very soon.

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    I agree.  Most signs point to the coastal areas being uninhabitable due to the rising sea levels.  It is far more realistic than many of us care to think, as many big coastal cities such as New York and New Orleans exist very coast, or even below sea level.

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