Will the amount of solar panels, wind mills, organic food/products, reusable shopping bags, and recycling increase 50-100 years from now just like cell phones are?



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    Well it’s hard to say that yes for sure it will happen. But we hope that these things catch on and become mainstream, like cell phones. A lot of people need to figure out how these products and practices will help them, not just help the environment. Either we need a change in how we think or need to accept that we are harming our planet and need to change. It will likely be a slow, hard process with a lot of push back. 

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    Quite possibly, but predictions even two years into the future are perilous, and anyone who says they are certain about something 50 years down the road is probably making things up.

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    As the answers above demonstrated, it is impossible to predict the future with any certainty. However, I fear this will only happen after peak oil hits and people realize that there isn’t as much oil left for plastic shopping bags, disposable products, and gasoline. This shrinking amount of energy will likely spur people into researching and implementing green technologies, if only because we still wish to live comfortably for generations to come.

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