Will all cars eventually become electric?



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    Lets hope not. Electric Cars are based at least for now on the storage capacity of batteries. Batteries contain toxic or corrosive materials some of which are cadmium and mercury, lead and lithium, which become hazardous waste and pose threats to humans and the environment. Although, these batteries can be downcycled (which is not sustainable because the former materials cannot be recovered) into other materials they still emit pollutants and consume resources. I think that there is greater potential in hydrogen fuel cells with hydrogen fuel being produced by solar and wind energy.

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    It depends on whom you ask. Warren Buffet, the world’s third wealthiest man,  predicts that yes, by the year 2030 all cars will be electric. His assertions are supported in part by continued increases in sales of electric cars, especially in the last decade. However, as richardfisher clearly states above, the electric car still has a lot of room for improvement. Therefore, according to Scientific American at least,  the safest bet for the foreseeable future of cars seems to include those electric, hybrids, possibly “fuel-cell electric vehicles” and regular internal-combustion-powered cars.

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