Will Al Gore be remembered as a good environmental writer?



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    I think Al Gore will be remembered as a vice president and an environmental activist. Certainly, “An Inconvenient Truth” is a widely appreciated piece of work. However, having read “Our Choice,” I don’t think Al Gore’s prose is “writerly” enough for him to be remembered as a writer. But, he’s certainly done enough for the environmental movement that stylistic considerations shouldn’t count against him.

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    I agree.  While he is a good writer, it is not at the top of his resume.  Regardless of whether you agree with him, he will be known as the man that championed climate change and environmentalist, as well as a Vice President and also run in a President campaign.  As well, he was part of the congressional group that funded the rise of the internet.But yes, the environment looks to be at the forefront of what he is be remembered by.  However, there is still much more he can do.

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