Will the air force eventually use biofuel for their planes?



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    This is a difficult question to quantify. The only answer to give is “maybe.” This would mean retrofitting their engines to run on biofuel instead of redesigning them, and in some worlds I could see it happening, but in others, not. I think that if any institution will have prolonged access to fossil fuels, though, it will be the US military.

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    The Air Force is currently in the process of testing and evaluating the usage of biofuels in their airplanes.  The biofuel will be made from mixtures of camelina flower blooms, beef tallow and waste oils and grease.  An aerial show performed by Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland recently used the fuel in two of their jets as they performed aerial stunts.  The goal is to have all aircrafts certified to use biofuel by 2013.

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    Necolepe is correct. In an endlessly ironic twist of fate, the Air Force is already testing out the use of biofuels in their planes, thus making weapons of war slightly greener – which is still not green at all.

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