Is the wild things are a good environmental movie for your kids?



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    Despite the inclusion of “wild” in its title, “Where The Wild Things Are” is an adaptation of a children’s book by author Maurice Sendak. It has no discernible environmental or “green” themes. As such, it is very much a “movie for kids” and NOT an “environmental movie for kids”.

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    It has no environmental connotation.  The “wild things” aren’t even animals.  However, it’s an excellent film regardless.  I would definitely recommend taking your children to go see it as it is an absolutely beautiful movie (although there are some very sad moments.)

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    “Where The Wild Things Are” is a movie, adapted from a famous childhood book, that teaches kids more about family and the ties that can and will most likely form between family members and a boys’ journey to find home again.  Although the title might make it seem like the movie has some underlying “environmental theme,” there is truly not link to the environment.

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