Is the Wii fit a good way to get into shape?



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    Sure! Lots of people have lost a bit of weight by using the Wii Fit. However, it’s definitely not a miracle machine – you have to do the work outs regularly and with your best effort, just like you would do so at the gym, or any other routinized workout. You’ve also got to make sure that you’re eating healthily, or your workouts won’t make much difference.

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    Wii Fit is not as good for getting into shape as some other games for the Wii. Game Informer Magazine only gave it a 2.5 out of 5 for “Fit Factor.” However EA Active and Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout both received a 4.5 out of 5 on this scale – both games are for the Wii and may be better alternatives to Wii Fit. The problem with Fit is that it doesn’t keep your heart rate up by stringing exercises together. There is too much stopping and waiting to pick new exercises, so you never really get a good workout.

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    It depends on what kind of workout that it provides for you and what your fitness goals are. The Wii Fit yoga is quite good, however as for the other Wii fit programs, there are all pretty hit and miss. Buy some Wii Fit games that interest you and try them out. See which ones give you an adequate workout and stick to it. Sticking to a workout routine is what will bring you results, not just what is included in the workout.

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    If I may make a suggestion for a Wii enthusiast, my coworker’s husband made a point to play Wii Boxing for 30 minutes a day. After a month, he lost 9 pounds. It was a pretty drastic difference that I got to see first hand. If Wii Fit doesn’t work out, try boxing! But you have to act as if you were boxing for real.

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    It’s good for light exercise.  However, if you want an intense workout, this is not the way to go.  Wii Fit is great because it’s made more sedentary people more active and it’s fun.  Yet if you want something a little bit stronger, you should do other things, too.

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    I think cfraissi makes a good point. If you haven’t been working out at all and have a job where you sit at your desk all day, then Wii Fit is a GREAT place to start. Some of the exercises are challenging and can get your heart rate up. However, once you become more fit the Wii will not be able to offer you the challenge you need to continue improving your cardiovascular fitness. Wii Fit is excellent for balance training and posture improvement though. So, no matter how cardiovascularly fit or strong you are, you can get benefits of balance training for the Wii. 

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