wich is better for the enviorment rideing a bike, walking, or driveing a car



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    Whenever possible, walking and biking are both much better options than driving, and walking is slightly more environmentally friendly than biking.  The environmental advantages of walking and biking are that they rely on human power, rather than on fossil fuels, and thus they do not contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.  The relatively small (essentially negligible) advantage that walking has over biking is that walking relies on fewer natural resources (since all you need to walk are shoes, rather than a whole bike).

    That said, the main obstacle to walking (and to some extent biking) is distance and time constraints.  Walking takes a lot longer and requires more energy than biking, and likewise biking takes more time and energy than driving a car.  So, whenever time and distance allow, walking or riding are definitely the more green options than driving.

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