Why is zinc good for your body?



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    Zinc is very important for your body in a multitude of ways.  In ancient times, it was used to help heal wounds.  Studies have found that zinc can help individuals get over a cold faster, limit symptoms of sickle cell disease, help treat cold sores, and help treat stomach ulcers.  It is important to take daily vitamins to ensure that you are receiving the proper amount of minerals to maintain your health. 

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    The health benefits of zinc are many, including proper functioning of immune system, digestion, control of diabetes, improves stress level, energy metabolism, acne and wounds healing. Also the proper amount of zinc is very important for a healthy pregnancy and treating conditions, such as, ezcma, weight loss, night blindness, cold, and appetite loss.

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    On a microscopic level zinc makes and triggers over 300 enzymes in your body.   Your body uses zinc to build and activate the T-cells that fight infections and foreign bacteria.  The RDA recommendation is 15 milligrams and while some people do take supplements with higher dosages (I used to by 30 milligram supplements and take two a day though supposedly only 30% of that gets absorbed by the body.) you can take too much zinc (150 milligrams or more is generally agreed as overdoing it.)  which will disrupt the iron and copper uptake in your body and may manifest in vomiting, cramps, and other digestive difficulties.   .

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    Zinc is important for your body for many reasons because it operates at a cellular level, playing a key role in the healthy functioning of hair and skin cells, eyesight, and even taste and smell. Other research has shown that zinc has the ability to lessen the impact of illness with some researchers touting that introducing zinc to the diet while sick can decrease the length of time the body stays sick. 

    For men, zinc is important for testosterone production and for women, zinc may be helpful in reducing the intensity and amount of PMS symptons. 

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