Why is zinc good for your body?



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    Zinc is part of cellular metabolism, helping to catalyze over 100 different enzymes. Because your body does not have a specialized place to store zinc, it is important to have some daily. Zinc helps keep your hair, nails and skin healthy, as well as to heal heal wounds.

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    Zinc provides aid in a very wide variety of functions, such as smell, taste, sight and even cognitive function! Recent research has also shown the zinc plays a large part in boosting your immune system. It also aids in testosterone production in men and estrogen levels in women, two hormones that frankly make us what and who we are. You can find zinc in supplements and a wide variety of foodstuffs and meats such as: turkey, yogurt peanuts and beef.

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    Zinc is one of the most important minerals in the human body, as it affects a wide array of functions in our body. Zinc is important for the functioning of our cells and of our brains, and is important for skin health, eyesight, and sensory perceptions such as taste and smell. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in the functioning of our immune system, and is thought to help stave of illnesses. For women, zinc has been shown to help with PMS symptoms and sufficient levels are crucial for pregnant women to have healthy babies. For men, zinc is related to testosterone production and even prevents estrogen production.

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