Why wouldn’t fisherman take more action towards sustainability?



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    One reason why some fisherman are not taking more sustainable approaches to fishing is because some populations have been over fished. To make fishing sustainable for over fished populations would require fishermen to stop fishing so that their populations can begin to repopulate. Of course when fishermen are not fishing they are not making money. Some fishermen also use large nets and highly effective fishing gear that results in large catches, but that also includes many non target species of fish. For some fishermen having a large net means that minimal effort is required to catch fish.

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    Businesses are notoriously short-sighted, and fishermen are no exception. If given the choice between more profit today and more profit tomorrow, people will choose profit today every time. This is one of the most basic economic rules. This is why people tend to be unsustainable with every resource, not just fish. The only real motive (besides altruistic caring about the environment) that would push fishermen towards sustainability is a perception that people cared about it, and would view their business favorably if the fished sustainably. This might increase their profit, and thus they might take action. We see this in other business sectors, where you often hear of corporate environmental responsibility.

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