Why would you not believe in global warming?



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    People don’t not believe in global warming as much as the don’t believe human activity is contributing to it. Many people feel that if the Earth is getting warmer, it’s a natural course and has nothing to do with our way of life. And in fact, some research shows that CO2 isn’t contributing to global warming as much as global warming creating more CO2. Additionally, people don’t believe in global warming because they can’t see the extreme weather changes that they would assume to accompany this phenomenon. These are just a few of the reasons people don’t believe in global warming.

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    Some of the common arguments against global warming include:
    -global warming is a minor issue compared to other issues such as AIDS, poverty, etc.
    -scientists may exaggerate their findings in order to attain more funds from environmental companies
    -we do not have long term records of the weather and therefore do not have proof of global warming

    Other arguments against global warming can be found in the article below

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    People who don’t believe in global warming tend to be one of three ilks.

    First, they don’t want to believe in it, usually due to political ideology -oft called “towing the party line.”

    Two, they are ignorant and/or distrustful of basic science. A good example of this is those who don’t believe in evolution without being able to explain it properly.

    Lastly, there is the very intelligent group who simply see the science of the climate catastrophe as being wrong or simply too young. While they make many points that seem valid, upon deeper investigation, they ignore basic facts, like that the polar ice caps are proveably disappearing. From here, they tend to change the argument, and simply state that it’s unproven that global warming is caused by man. However, when looking at the data on the levels of CO2 in the air over the last 50,000 years, it’s pretty obvious why the planet is warming up.

    The naysayers are rather sad creatures, really. But, they probably own air conditioners, so feel it’s okay to say whatever they want to without researching it.

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