Why would states ban offshore wind farms?



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    Despite all the environmental benefits of wind farms, some states may decide that negative effects are worth banning this technology. This includes possible danger to birds and bats (hitting the blades or the turbines), although results of studies indicate that the birds are not significantly harmed, especially compared to the damage coming from fossil fuel use. Wind farms are also considered to be an eyesore by some, although others consider them elegant and a symbol of clean environment; there are issues of “flickering” from the rotating blades, light pollution from aircraft warning lights, noise. In case of offshore farms, neither bats nor aesthetics and noise would even be an issue. Studies of effects on marine geology, marine mammals and birds concluded that there should not be an adverse effect on those for a proposed wind farm in UK.

    Overall, it seems that negative effects of wind power, most of all offshore farms, are minor. It is more likely that the states do not see and refuse to accept the need for a clean substitute for fossil fuel-based energy.

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