Why would people want to get rid of the EPA?



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    EPA is criticized over green house gas findings. According to DOWJONES, “the environmental protection agency said that the agency failed to follow peer-reiew guidelines when developing a key scientific document that underpins its greenhouse-gas regulations” 

    Reuters also criticized EPA for taking a “short cut” they said that, “The U.S. EPA took a shortcut in laying the groundwork to regulate greenhouse gass emissions, a government watchdog said on Wednesday in a report that could fuel republician efforts to block the agency’s new rules on climate. 

    In a way people are not trying to get rid of the EPA, but they are bettering it by giving it advice to become more prepared with their finding’s next time.

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    When I worked at NASA, for awhile my officemate was someone who had just come from the FDA. Similar complaints about the EPA come from two sides:

    One group just thinks they are inefficient bureaucrats who are in the pocket of big business.

    The other group, strangely, is accusing them of being too effective! People in that group see America as becoming non-competitive because there are too many regulations, too many restricted chemicals that other countries are allowed to use. (It’s part of the US being “nanny state”, you see.)

    The criticisms from both groups can be easily answered. Year-after-year, my officemate got the same questions. (It’s not surprising, at NASA we got the same questions, repeatedly. People like to hear other people, and not bother doing research! It’s easier!)

    After I had asked my officemate a number of times why certain chemicals weren’t already on their list of “no-no’s”, I got familiar with the general answer: The FDA doesn’t have enough manpower or resources. Even deciding what chemical to test/research next is a big process, and it can take years to reach a conclusion based on tests.

    So that answers one group.

    The other group can be quieted by giving a few concrete examples: “Do you know about thalidomide? 10,000 children born with no arms? That’s because drug companies at that time were not required to submit test results to government agencies.”

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