Why would Obama be to blame for high gas prices?



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    Obama has done nothing to end oil speculation.  Prominent economists have proposed that this speculation can account for over a dollar of the price of even gallon sold.

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    Simply put, he wouldn’t. Obama has a very vocal group of people that don’t support him, and you would be amazed at what they will try to come up with to slander him. I will be honest that I’m still impressed they are STILL trying to argue that he was born a US Citizen.

    One could argue that by allowing the government to get away with the high gas prices when compared to the cost of oil, Obama is to “blame” for the prices, but to me that represents a gross misunderstanding of how our government works.

    Next time someone tries to blame them, ask for their sources. Fox News is not a good source, but then again neither is the liberal counterpart NBC. Pretty much no big name news reporting station is going to be anything but a grossly slanted source.

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    To be honest, Obama has no direct control over oil prices, nor has any president before him. The blame for the high oil prices is not random, though. I believe it is attributed to a few things. One of these is that he has taken a hard stance against drilling for more oil on US soil and the surrounding seas. Many people see this as complacency on his part with the “oil baron” countries, and choosing instead to side with them instead of his own country by not working towards energy independence. Another thing about it is that some time ago his head of the Department of Energy, Steven Chu, said that he would prefer to see gas prices reach $9 or $10 per gallon. This of course enraged many people, but the context of the statement was that what he meant by the statement was such high prices would ultimately drive America towards alternate green fuel sources, a policy that the administration supports. Chu later refuted the comment, and tried to explain its context, though his critics had already had a field day with the quote by then. Another is the whole issue with halting progress with the Keystone oil pipeline that would apparently help America achieve more energy independence and create several thousand jobs, if not more. Many viewed this move as again ignoring America’s plight at the pump. So in essence, most of these political decisions and situations of his have lead to the belief that high oil prices are Obama’s fault. Of course, I vaguely remember the same bravado was said about President Bush, so perhaps people are always just looking for someone to blame (except the oil companies themselves, it seems).

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