Why would my plums split and rotten before ripening?



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    It sounds like your plum tree may be infested with sawfly which causes plums to not fully ripen and fall off prematurely.

    Another option is that your tree has what is known as plum curculio.

    Both of these insects can cause damage to fruits and premature fruit to fall.

    See theses links for more in depth information on both disorders

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    If the type of plum you’re cultivating is high in sugar content, this might also cause splitting prior to harvesting. I grew an heirloom tomato last summer, and the huge juicy fruits would often tear before fully ripened. One of the garden leaders at the organization where I rented a garden plot told me about the sugar factor. I’m not sure if this bit of knowledge is transferable to plums, but it might be a contributing aspect to the problem.

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