Why would leasing a solar panel make it easier for people to get a system?



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    For one, it’s wonderful to not have to buy thousands of dollars worth of equipment just to try out solar energy.  For two, leasing a solar panel can include free monitoring and repair services.  If your panel breaks down, and you are not so savvy on the logistics of panel repair, you can be out a lot of money.

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    Yes, leasing solar panels would make it much more feasible for people to get solar panels.  The main reason is because solar panels will eventually pay for themselves.  If people don’t have the money up front, they can lease them for much cheaper.  The money saved on electricity should make it a profitable venture.  Also, during the summer season, excess energy created by the solar panels can be sold back to your local power company.  This would lead to more money in the pocket of the person who received the solar panels.  Of course, this is all depending on how much solar panels would be leased for.

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