Why would hunters and anglers be in favor of a climate bill?



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    A lot of hunters and anglers are in favor of passing the climate bill because they see the impact that climate change has made more easily than most. Migratory animals are shifting their patterns because the heat they feel in the winter throws them off (migrating elsewhere for the winter becomes difficult when they can’t feel when that is). The heat also causes early spring run-off, meaning snow is melting sooner than it ought to. This raises the water level, and in some places, this can be very dangerous for the animals living underground who don’t move out of their burrows in time. Heat also gives way to more intense wildfires, which destroys animals as well as their habitat. Rising temperatures in the winter can also lead to vast infestations of pine beetles because the cold isn’t there to kill them off. The pine beetles then proceed to desimate forests. While hunters and anglers are out killing the wildlife, they don’t want to see the entire ecosystem disappear because of global warming.

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