Why would GMO food not be safe for consumption?



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    Well there is obviously possible health risks.  We are using methods that we don’t really know much about. And there are not many tests being done to find out.

    The other problem is that Monsanto is able to copyright seeds like the “suicide” seed (which is another problem because it forces farmers to re-buy seeds from Monsanto every season).  Also, if Monsanto finds its seeds in anyones farms, they can sue them and drag them into debt for copyright infringement. 

    As you know, the wind, animals, and birds carry seeds.  It is part of nature. So there are farmers being dragged into debt through lawsuits when they did nothing wrong.

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    All GMOs are tested intensively for potential environmental and health hazards before entering the market. It is absolutely incorrect to state that “not many tests are being done to find out”.


    OK, so to answer the question – 

    Any GM food must be approved by the ICSU (International Council for Science), the World Health Organisation as well as national regulation (e.g. FDA – Food and Drug Administration for USA) before being released for retail in that particular country.

    To date, there have been no reported health defects as a result of consuming GM food.

    The greatest potential health risk of GM food is with regard to allergic responses. This is because if the organism has been modified by introducing a gene, this ultimately means the organism will contain a new protein. If this protein is new to the human diet, then it must be tested for classification as a potential allergen. This is not 100% effective, though recognising potential allergens in all foodstuffs is becoming more reliable as databases and research continues. Individual’s sensitivity can only be completely known after exposure (as is the case for individual’s sensitivity to any allergen, e.g. bee sting, peanuts, etc.)

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