Why in the world would people oppose NASA’s plan to crash an object into the moon to learn more about it? Isn’t this the type of rigid environmentalism that turns people off to an otherwise righteous cause?



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    One reason people may oppose NASA’s planned crash is because another attempt NASA made in 1999 to try and learn the same information (whether or not there is water on the moon beneath the surface) proved unsuccessful. The cost of such expeditions and experiments is never low, and many object to “unnecessary spending” during a recession when people face more day-to-day, pressing concerns. Environmental destruction, even on an unoccupied moon, is distasteful to many–especially when the cost is so high, and the benefit so negligible.

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    I have to agree with the above post in that most people would see it as a frivolous waste of tax payer dollars, especially right now. I mean, think about it: you spend millions if not billions on something that you plan to crash and partially destroy anyway. Most people, especially with the high deficits and economical turmoil in this country right now, would consider this on the very bottom of our country’s priority list because it fails to help with any problems we are currently facing in the United States on Earth. One day when the country is doing great and we have money to throw around, it may be reconsidered. 

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