Why in the world did we make a solar powered LED necklace?



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    I suppose it does seem like a completely useless and wasteful application of solar technology. However, a solar powered LED necklace still serves the purpose of increasing the use of renewable energies in everyday products. I suppose it works as a marketing tool as well–more people know about solar-powered products, so perhaps they’ll buy a solar-powered calculator next time instead of a traditional battery power one. Plus, I guess if you really wanted to buy a light-up necklace, a solar-powered one would still be better than a battery one (which even if it were rechargeable, saps electricity from the grid that uses polluting sources to generate).

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    Great question. I have never heard of solar LED necklaces, I am sure they appear to be cool and trendy to many. It is a combination of fashion and being green. Which might not be a bad thing. Ken Smith, a world renowned landscape architect created conceptual landscapes on peoples bodies and clothing in the 1990’s. He was trying to convey the point that the fashion industry can still be evolving, but can also incorporate environmental sensitive principles into the designs and creation of fashion products.

    Last time I checked Ken Smith did not have an interactive website. It is a very private studio in NYC, and he just open another one in Irvine, CA. He is currently one of the lead designers for Los Angeles great park.

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