Why won’t my Amerucanas lay blue-green eggs?

I have two Amerucanas, two Barred Rocks, and two Rhode Island Reds. When I got them, the people at the store said that the Amerucanas would lay blue-green eggs. They are all laying now, but all the eggs are brown. Is there anything I can do to make them lay blue-green eggs?



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    There doesn’t seem to be much in the way of feed or sunlight that affects egg color, just breed. Amerucanas are able to lay eggs ranging from creamy brown to pink to blue-green. It seems that the colored eggs are an occasional thing, and since Amerucanas are not known for their egg production, they can sometimes less frequent. However they are considered an ‘Easter Egger’ breed. Since most EE’s are mixed breeds they can often lay any color at all.

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    Amerucanas can lay eggs consisting of different colors such as blue, aqua, and even pink. However, chicken breeders warn buyers that most of the chickens that are sold under the name “Amerucana” are just mongrels born of the blue eggs. Thus, customers should research the characteristics and traits of Amerucanas before purchasing one. If you were sold a mongrel, that may be the reason why they are not laying blue eggs. You may want to ask the sellers why your Amerucanas are not laying blue eggs. 

    In addition, from my research, I’ve gathered that both Barred Rocks and Rhode Island Reds are brown egg layers. 

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