Why won’t the government make what goes on at Area 51 public?



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    There is speculation that Area 51 contains physical proof of extraterrestrial life. Some say that modern technology like fiber-optics and stealth cloaking is a result of technology recovered from fallen spacecrafts. There are also rumors that Area 51 contains preserved alien cadavers. The contents and activities of Area 51 is highly classified and there is no reliable documentation proving any of the rumors. 

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    The problem is like aaron10 said, a lot of the speculation about Area 51 is just full of rumors. There is no proof out there in the public, so a lot of wild theories are thrown out as to what really goes on in Area 51. For all we know, it could be a normal government facility shrouded in mystery to get the public’s attention off of it. I’m not sure we will ever know “publicly” what goes on in there. 

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    As the others have mentioned, Area 51 is something of legend now because of all the theories of extra-terrestrial life and other rumors that have circulated over the years. None of these theories have ever been confirmed, but occasionally there will be a “whistle blower” who surfaces in the news media about things they witnessed while working at the facility. Of course, these individuals are never confirmed to have worked at the facility either, and so it goes. Every country has their secret bases, and the United States is no different. If you were working on things you didn’t want your enemies to know about, I bet you’d keep it secret too. Sometimes you have to read between the lines with things like this, as not all rumors are true, and sometimes people make outrageous claims for attention from the media.

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