Why will a Universal Cell phone charger be a good thing?



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    A universal cell phone charger would be good because it would reduce waste and clutter. By having most major cell phones stick to one universal charging slot, it means you don’t have an extra charger lying around each time you change phones, which means less waste. Furthermore, it’ll make it easier to be able to charge your phone if you leave your charger behind, as anyone’s charger will likely be compatible with your phone.

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    A universal cell phone charger would be beneficial for the obvious reason of convenience, and would eliminate waste and save some resources, but the downfall would be that there would most likely be one company that made all the chargers since every fitting would have to be the same. And in the spirit of capitalism, when there is no competition, the product, in this case it would be technology, suffers the most. And I think it’s important that technology continues to advance itself, even in areas as seemingly miniscule as a cell phone charger in context to the grander picture, because I believe that technology advancements will help to save energy and play a large role in healing the planet in the long run. If looked at that way, a universal charger would not really be a good thing. Plus, I don’t think all the different cell phone companies would be too happy about losing sales on chargers.

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