Why is that when someone says example on these questions you get a definition of it instead?



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    Well, that could be any number of reasons. I try to include both a definition and example in my answers, or if I can’t give an example I at least try to suggest some ways for people to find it on their own. Just because my search has failed doesn’t mean theirs won’t. I think maybe it is becuase some people don’t read the question very carefully.


    If I’ve ever answered a question of yours in such a matter, please do feel free to PM me. I know I’ve almost misread several questions and answered with a definition before catching myself. Sometimes, as well, the questions aren’t worded very clearly. I don’t want to put too much blame on any single source, but it’s a combination of these factors that I’ve seen.


    I can’t answer for everyone, of course.

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    Like the poster above, I also give a definition with examples.  Here’s my logic on this one:  When I answer an “example” question, I can assume that the person who posted the question knows the definition of whatever thing it is they want an example of.  For instance, if someone posts a question like “What are examples of active transport?” the person asking probably already has a definition for active transport, because she/he is not asking for a definition.  I do consider though the possibility that someone who didn’t post the question and doesn’t know what active transport is, might for whatever reason see the question “What are some examples of active transport?” while they’re scanning GreenAnswers and  think “Active transport? What’s that?”   Rather than have to do their own search or ask they can just click on the question and conveniently read the the definition along with the examples right there   I don’t know if it’s ever actually happened, but you never know.

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