Why when I am sick I feel better after I work out?



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    A light workout might make you feel better because exercise releases endorphins. Those endorphins may make you feel better, but they are not going to help heal you. Contrary popular belief, you cannot sweat out the illness or toxins. Working out can actually prolong the illness. It is best to take time off from the gym until you are better.

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    While it is true to let your body rest when sick, and you cannot sweat out illness or toxins (not to mention NO ONE at the gym wants to catch your illness), there are many health benefits to exercise.  People who exercise regularly have immune systems much stronger than those who don’t.  In addition, exercise speeds up the metabolism, in turn giving more energy to the immune and lymph system (both essential to recovery), and increases the uptake of vitamins, which while not necessarily preventing against illness, can significantly lessen the symptoms.  

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