Why were priests such important people to the lives of the settlers in New France?

This is a homework question and i couldn’t find the anwser in my book. It has to do with history and to make the question more clearer i’m asking why the priests were important in the lives of the sttelers in france. They wee important people to them meaning they did something to help then whatever it is but why were they important is my question.



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    When New France (Canada) was settled in the early seventeenth century, religion was a focal point in people’s lives. At the time, France was convulsed in a series of religious wars against Huguenots (Protestants). However, according to the US History textbook American Pageant, New France was not a haven for Protestants, and was not well-supported by France, as France preferred to fund its Caribbean holdings. As a result, most of the settlers in the Canadian region were Catholics, and the Church was important in their lives.

    As militant Jesuits began arriving from the work of Cardinal Richelieu, they became even more important. Through ardent missionary work, Jesuit priests impacted the colony of New France, as well as parts of the midwest in the United States (which wasn’t the United States, yet). Jesuits converted Native Americans, opened a successful fur trade for the courreurs de bois (wood-runners), and created maps of the American region. Thus, they helped sustain the colony of New France.

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