Why were Nissan Leaf’s recalled?



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    The Nissan Leaf was recalled due to a software malfunction.  After a warning light on the instrument panel illuminates, the vehicles won’t start.  There is an incorrect diagnostic tool in the vehicle control module that reads the air conditioner as a “voltage surge”; as a “failsafe” the vehicles cannot be started once this happens.  The problem is easily solved by taking the vehicle back to the dealer, who will reprogram the module.  It takes about an hour.

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    As far as I can tell, Nissan never actually recalled the Leaf at any point, although there have been issues with the ignition. Nissan did not announce a formal recall, but instead opted for what they called a “service campaign,” which facilitates the process for the owners of the vehicles to have them fixed. Such a glitch can be common in electric cars, but this problem was considered so newsworthy because of the potential of the Leaf and high expectations for it to be “the first real modern electric car.”

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