why were illegal drugs created



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    Ok, the question is back-to-front, here.

    The real question is: Who decides what drugs are illegal? Because … think about it … no drug was “illegal” 10,000 years ago. The idea of what’s legal and what’s illegal is purely a concept of societies. It’s what “works” and “doesn’t work” for them.

    Here’s an example. In Islamic countries alcohol is illegal. But smoking marijuana there is common and acceptable. In the United States, almost the opposite is true.

    The problems here for people — over the world — are very deep, and can lead to difficult confrontations.

    What’s very, very difficult about this is that nearly everyone is already involved with drugs. It might be tea, or coffee, or alcohol, or marijuana, or “anti-depressants”. What appears reasonable and normal to one drug user? That same thing may appear abnormal to the user of another drug. The other folks are so abnormal, their use should be illegal. Right?

    Is it a mess? You betcha. In some ways our beautiful human race hasn’t come very far. There are hugely difficult and important problems here about what “normal” is. This is a slow motion train wreck. Absolutely don’t just decide to pick some side that claims all use of some drug should be illegal. Or should be legal. There’s much more at stake here.

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