Why were the bulls horns set on fire in Spain?



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    The Bous a la Mar (or “Bulls to the Sea”) Fiesta in Javea, Spain is held each September to honor Our Lady of Loreto. Bulls are herded with fireworks to scare them from a paddock to an open area near the ocean. Men taunt the animals in hopes they will fall into the sea. The Councillor of the event, Pepa Chorro, lit a bull’s horns on fire during the fiesta at which point the animal understandably became agitated, diving into the sea to extinguish the flames. Crews in boats waiting nearby try to herd the animals “safely” back to land, but this frightened bull drowned. The incident has shocked many, and drawn attention to the cruelty, killing and torture of more than 30,000 bulls and other animals during annual fiestas.

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